Prodapt Solutions

Prodapt is a leading technology consulting and services company with a strong focus on the telecommunications industry. Prodapt has gathered deep expertise in the M2M-IoT domain as well, through several engagements covering end-to-end product engineering services and technology solutions for some of the large Fortune 500 companies in the world.

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Telecom market

The world of telecommunication and internet is transforming rapidly with the convergence of fixed and mobile networks and the execution of all sorts of IP strategies. Service offerings of fixed, mobile, and cable operators are also converging. This transformation also boosts bundled offerings in both cloud and hosted services

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Business Processes


Fierce competition, changing service usage, the introduction of new technologies and new regulations are important drivers of change in business processes. These changes also have a process component.

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Trends in BSS and OSS

Varied IT landscapes of service providers tend to be over-complicated and unable to meet today’s business demands. Still, a number of distinct common trends can be identified.

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Networks & Service Platforms

There are many ISPs in the market, and they all provide services to clients via so-called access networks. Today, these services are offered via copper and coaxial cabling infrastructures and are now combined with fiber techniques as well as wireless networks.

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Architecture & Design

Telecom and internet companies exist in a dynamic market which demands innovation with a shorter time to market. Designing an architecture that is flexible and focused on short cycle innovations is a prerequisite.

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Methods & Techniques

Telecom and internet providers are struggling with the increasing complexity involved in the necessary modernization efforts. There is desire for shorter time to market, while business processes become more and more intertwined with the IT systems in the chain.

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Prodapt welcomes Rigas Parathyras


Per July 1st we welcome Rigas Parathyras as a Management Consultant – Digital Architect. Rigas is also Consulting Unit Lead for the new unit Digital. Rigas has 16...

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