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Telecom and Internet companies are players in a very dynamic market in which a short time-to-market is essential. Designing an architecture that is flexible and focused on short-cycle innovations is a prerequisite. Focus on reuse of components and functionality is an important point of attention within Prodapt Consulting.

Prodapt Consulting is member of the TM Forum. The TM Forum is a global organization that focuses on process and IT standardization. Leading parties such as operators, suppliers and systems integrators are working together within the TM Forum to further develop the standards.

Prodapt Consulting has extensive experience in applying these standards and has the “best practices”.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture models can be used to translate the strategy and business vision of an organization into a business process implementation and associated IT application architecture, that fits the requirements, principles and goals of that organization. The challenge in this translation is to make the architecture implementation effective, efficient, agile and sustainable. An enterprise architecture is never ready, but evolves with the requirements and vision of an organization.

Various enterprise architectures models have been developed. Most of these models use a layered framework. The following layers can be distinguished:

  • Business architecture:
    This defines the business processes and their coherency. Furthermore, the responsibilities and roles are specified (RACI matrix). In addition, the interaction with external supplies and partners is described.
    The business processes are directly derived from the strategy and mission of the organization (Some models use an extra layer for strategy).
  • Application architecture:
    The application architecture specifies on a functional levelthe application architecture and the interaction between the applications. In addition the internal and external interfaces are functionally described.
  • Information architecture:
    The information architecture models the information needs and the associated information data. This information modeling is on metadata level, in which all information objects and the most important information object attributes are incorporated. (Data models are actual implementations of the information model and are detailed a few levels deeper).
  • Technology architecture:
    The technology architecture defines the implementation principles of the infrastructure that is required to support the business processes and telecommunication services that are offered. This contains the hardware, the network infrastructure, the operating systems and the software.


The Prodapt Consulting focus is on the interaction in the triangle business processes – information – applications. An extra added value is our in-depth knowledge and experience of telecommunications and internet.

With Prodapt Solutions (www.prodapt.com) we also leverage deep technology skills on Telecom specific areas.

Reference models

Prodapt Consulting endorses and uses the most important reference models that are common within telecommunications.


Prodapt Consulting is member of the TM Forum and uses the TM Forum Frameworx standards as reference models. In particular the TM Forum Business Process Framework (formerly eTOM) and the Information Framework (formerly SID) are deployed to tackle architectural design challenges. Also for architecture evaluations, scope definitions, application selections (RFP) and process designs the use of reference models has added value. In addition the Application Framework (formerly TAM) en the GB942-mapping document that describes the mapping between the frameworks, can have added value.
It should be noted that these models should be used in an appropriate way. The models are only a tool and should not become the goal.

In addition to the TM Forum Frameworx standards, Prodapt Consulting has knowledge and experience with TOGAF, Archimate and ITIL.

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Architecture & Design Telecom and Internet companies are players in a very dynamic market in which a short time-to-market is essential. Designing an architecture that is flexible and...

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