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Telecom and internet companies are struggling with the increasing complexity of the realization of innovation. A quicker time to market is required, while business processes are increasingly dependent on IT systems in the chain. Prodapt Consulting has gathered extensive experience in implementing IT systems in different organizations.

Important areas of expertise in this respect are project management, Agile / Scrum, test management, and quality assurance.

Project Management

Why is it that only 30% of projects succeed in achieving their goals? The success of a project is not only determined by the realization of the predefined project objective within agreed conditions (scope, quality, budget, time). A project also needs to be realized in accordance with the agreed expectations and critical success factors of all stakeholders. In Prodapt Consulting’s view, a balanced mix of specific knowledge, skills and the project manager as a person are key to successful project management.

Project management involves clearly identifying the expectation and success factors of the stakeholders at the very beginning and making sure appropriate measures are taken to resolve conflicts. Especially during project execution, it is important to continuously monitor and identify changes in expectations on a timely basis and act upon such changes in an effective manner.

Our project managers are experienced, versatile professionals. Due to their years of relevant experience in the telecom industry, they are able to quickly recognize risks and take proper measures. Our project managers make use of recognized project management methodologies like Prince2, PMBoK, and IPMA.

The well-balanced mix of project management skills, subject matter expertise, and soft skills make them successful. These soft skills of our project managers include the creation of support, the motivation, stimulation, facilitation of project team members, and the management of expectations of customers, users and participants. Our project managers maintain regular communication with our customers and aim for close and intensive collaboration and issue resolution.


Next to traditional project management, Prodapt Consulting also has extensive experience in Scrum. Scrum is a project methodology which originates from the Agile approach, which is generally used for product and software development . Through Scrum, it is possible to achieve the highest possible value in the shortest possible time. Scrum is a broad framework that can be applied to any project with aggressive deadlines and complex requirements. The main feature of Scrum is the development of a series of short iterations called ”sprints”, with a duration of 4 weeks or less. In addition, the Scrum project team is self-organized, and assembled with the notion in mind that the required expertise to achieve the goal is present within the team. The team has the authority and responsibility, of course directly related to the business priorities.

Prodapt Consulting has several certified Scrum employees who can fulfill the SCRUM roles within projects such as the Scrum Master and Product Owner. Our staff have been involved in implementations of Scrum or transitions to Scrum and have lead many sprints.

Test management

Poorly functioning IT systems have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and performance of suppliers and employees. It is the mission of Prodapt Consulting to make IT projects in the telecom and internet industry shorter, better, and more predictable. Test management is one of the areas in which we differentiate ourselves. Prodapt Consulting has developed high-quality test services during our experience of more than 20 years in the telecom and internet industry. Prodapt Consulting performs various high-end roles in several telecom and internet companies and has experience with test processes for these clients. Our test professionals have a telecom or internet background and are trained further through the Prodapt Consulting Academy.

Prodapt Consulting follows the business-driven test management approach: informed choices are made based on risks, result, time and cost. The Prodapt Consulting test approach is based on the V-model and the pillars of TMap (Staging, Organization, Infrastructure and Techniques):


Prodapt Consulting delivers the three basic test services:

  • Test Consultancy: Support for test process improvement
  • Test Resourcing: Test execution capacity at various levels
  • Test Products: Ownership for demarcated (sub)test products

Prodapt Consulting can also provide specific support to telecom and internet companies in the areas of: establishment of test processes, test governance, release and delivery management, test environments, and test automation.

Quality Assurance in projects

It often happens that an organization experiences major problems during or worse, after, the realization of projects and introduction of new applications. The consequence is the loss of expected benefits. Analysis of “failed projects” teaches us that many projects are doomed to fail in advance if:

  • Acceptance criteria for the product to be delivered and intermediate results are not explicitly named (demand and supply model)
  • Quality assurance with respect to both the product to be delivered and the process-to-be are not created in the beginning (the project preparation)
  • Quality of the project manager and key project staff assigned to the project is insufficient

Monitoring and focus on quality is an essential contribution to the project outcome. Prodapt Consulting believes that quality control should be independent of the project organization and project manager. This implies that:

  • An independent party should fulfill this role
  • This party is impartial, and is an object matter expert
  • The quality manager has his own direct reporting line to the client

Quality Management is all about the quality of the process on the one hand (i.e. the path along which the results are to be achieved), and on the other the product (i.e. the results that must be achieved).

In the field of quality management Prodapt Consulting has experience with de facto standards, such as Extended ISO 9126, COBIT, and ITIL. Prodapt Consulting also has knowledge of applying telecom standards such as eTOM, ITU, IEEE, IETF.

In addition to adhering to these standards, a continuous exchange of experience and knowledge takes place within Prodapt Consulting. This means that the knowledge base of quality management is continuously supplemented with the experience of our consultants. The result is a proprietary methodology of quality management which is based on practical experiences in quality assurance.

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Methods & techniques Telecom and internet companies are struggling with the increasing complexity of the realization of innovation. A quicker time to market is required, while business processes...

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