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Ron Jesterhoudt

Functie: Consultant

Woonplaats: Almere

Leeftijd: 56


I am passioned about Telecommunication and have been working on plain old telefony system, fixed and mobile networks and on unified communication. I enjoy the technics and means to use communication via fixed, mobile and IP using speech, video and messaging. I enjoy being parts of these technical innovations and means to combine and evolve the different technics and worlds


I have a technical background. Having studied Electrical Engineering on the ‘lagere technische school (LTS)’ and the ‘elektro technische school (ETS/MTS)’ I got a bachelor degree on the ‘Hogere Technische School (HTS)’ in the technical computer technics.

Background & Experience

After graduation in 1986 I started with AT&T and Philips Telecommunicatie. I did software development for the 5ESS, the AT&T network switch. This was in the area of ‘basic call handling for POTS, ISDN and GSM. After having done development for a couple of years I moved into the areas of system engineering and test management. Then I became a software architect for the Lucent Softswitch in the VoIP area and have I worked on the architecture for SIP and H323 voice communication. In 1998 I became a Bell Labs ‘Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS)’. In 1999/2000 I setup and managed the millennium transition for the areas that were maintained by the Lucent office in The Netherlands.

In 2002 I joined CMG and was the technical product manager for the 3G messaging solution that was delivered to a 3G operator to provide SMS, MMS and voicemail services. After this I became the architect for the Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC). In addition I was involved, as a solution architect, for the 3G/4G networks in the area of SMS and IM based on the 3GPP IMS network architecture and included SMS over IP (IPSMGW), OMA SIMPLE IM, RCS/RCS-e and OMA-CPM.

Area of expertice

  • Fixed/mobile convergence
  • IMS networks
  • IMPS
  • SIGTRAN / SS7 over IP
  • GSM / 3G / UMTS / WCDMA
  • CDMA One / EVDO / CDMA 2000
  • VoIP
  • H323 (H225/H245)
  • MSRP
  • RCS/RCS-e

Personal characteristics

Team player with a ‘Can Do’ attitude, do the right things and do the right things ‘right’
Committed, analytical and integrity.
Able to quickly learn new technics and understand new areas.


Sport (skiing, hiking, running)
Computer Games