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New employee Jeroen van Loon


I am Jeroen van Loon, age 40, and I recently joined you at Prodapt Consulting. Within the past 10 years I built up experience in RPA/Robotics at T-Mobile. Over time this work also became passion and I chose to pursue my career as an RPA specialist. During my time at T-Mobile, I encountered many companies in this field, and one stood out: Prodapt. Prodapt impressed me with their pragmatic approach, and a way of working that proved, other than promised, customer centricity. With this matching philosophy came an opportunity, and here I am. I hope that I can help grow both our RPA practice, as well as myself in this field in the coming years.”

Jeroen has started in the Unit B/OSS1 per Feb 1st. Prodapt wishes him a great carreer!