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Prodapt Consulting sponsors Marieke for biking Stelvio

After intensive training preparations our Prodapt Consulting colleague Marieke Roos (with her boyfriend) has completed a challenging bike ride on a road bike with success.

The bike ride took place on the famous Stelvio in Italy and was organized by the foundation Stichting4Life to gathering voluntary contributions for the children of 2 schools in the slum Kibera, Nairobi Kenia. With this fundraising Stichting4Life wants to be able to finance the lunch for every school day in 2015 (these are approximately 330 pupils and teachers).

At the end of the trip Marieke and her fellow cyclists have collected (with help of sponsors) an impressive amount of almost € 19,000, – for Stichting4Life. Marieke wrote an extensive story on her blog about the experience during the preparation and the final bike ride.

Prodapt Consulting admires the dedication and commitment of Marieke (and fellow riders) to serve a good cause and would like to show appreciation by contributing a sponsorship amount. Prodapt Consulting agreed to provide a voluntary contributions to be able to provide lunch for one school for one month.

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Those interested can read Marieke’s blog at: https://marieke78.wordpress.com/

For more information about Stichting4Life: http://www.stichting4life.nl/