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White paper Real-time rating

Increasingly, our customers want their subscribers to be informed directly about their bundle usage. In telecommunication, real-time rating is the process of defining the costs of a certain call or data session. The rating process includes real-time conversion from call or data information towards actual usage fees.

The VDVL white paper ‘Real-time rating’ provides insights in developments in the past and expected trends for the coming years. Understanding the way network elements calculate usage sessions is of an equal importance compared to how these calculations should correspond with offline billing records for revenue assurance.

VDVL employs experts with knowledge and experience in the whole billing landscape. Real-time rating is a crucial part in this domain. VDVL is both your partner for improving the real-time rating systems, and for improving the IT-landscape in other domains.

The new white paper ‘Real-time rating’ can be downloaded here.