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Prodapt Consulting donates to Nepal

The severe earthquakes that recently hit Nepal have also taken hold of us. Allegedly, rebuilding the damage will require approximately 6 billion euros. But apart from the material damage also millions of people were affected by this disaster. Prodapt Consulting therefore recently made a donation to the Women for Women foundation.

The Women for Women foundation starts up health projects for women in Nepal. These projects mostly have a medical nature and are aimed at prolapse of pelvic organs such as the womb. The purpose of the foundation is to foster the health of Nepalese women, with the idea that by improving the welfare of the women the whole family benefits.

But due to the recent earthquake that has hit Nepal, they have shifted their focus more on emergency aid. The foundation Women for Women supports its partner organizations that are working on site to support the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. The main focus is on remote areas outside Kathmandu. The Women for Women Foundation collaborates with well-known local organizations, and they guarantee that the donated money ends up where it should be: to help the victims of the disaster.

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